Andrew Hersh

Yael Lilienthal '19


Hi, everyone! My name is Yael Lilienthal and I'm from the place you all go to during Winter Break to visit your grandparents (also known as South Florida), which means I don't know how to ice skate but I probably knew how to swim before you could say "Mama". I was born in Brasil (yeah, that's the real way it's spelled), and drink coconut water out of the actual coconut. I'm a sophomore studying Linguistics and Judaic Studies. My favorite U.S. president is William Howard Taft, and I believe one day we will get married. I am the world champion of a challenge I instituted after noticing that one of the tonguey-face emoticons is also winking with the eye opposite the direction of its tongue. If you don't know who I am, look down to the floor and then slowly move your head up, up, up, up... until you see a smile. Come say hi (and be prepared to show off your second-rate tonguey-winky-facey face)!