Jasmine Peled

Jasmine Peled '18

President Emeritus

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine, and if I wasn’t a student at Princeton I’d most likely be running a ketchup farm with ten golden retrievers which was my childhood dream. Since my parents don’t support that aspiration, I’m studying computer science with a certificate in Values and Public Life. Please donut judge me for my love of Krispy Kreme and terrible puns. I’m a huge a Capella music junkie, wear sandals in the winter because I’m in denial that I no longer live in LA, and spend way too much time in Starbucks pretending to study. I also have an irrational fear of using my inside voice, which means that if you’re within 300 feet of the CJL you can probably tell if I’m in the building (it’s very likely I am). I’m super excited to be President of the board this year, and please say hi and introduce yourself if you see me around!