Josh Weissmann

Josh Weissmann '19

Vice President

Hi everyone! I'm Josh - born in Atlanta and dedicated to the belief that Southern Hospitality has been integral to Judaism for 3000 years. I specialize in making Chullent - a hardy stew, of sorts - and eating the CJL's cookies and am a sophomore in the ORFE department. You can (try to) catch me on the basketball court or studying in some obscure hideaway on campus. I love to cook, listen to Jewish a cappella, and think about how long it will be until I see my dog again. After high school I spent a year studying Talmudic law and medieval philosophy in Israel at Har Etzion, which is where I learned about the importance of friendship, trust, and good public transit. If we haven't met yet, send me a message so we can become friends and eat those famous, chocolatey, delicious (...) CJL cookies over a meal together!!