CJL Building Use Policy

  • CJL staff and affiliated student group events and religious services, have priority in reserving space at the CJL.

  • If requesting rental A/V equipment, please submit request through Instructional Support Services (Media Services). If using an A/V equipped room at the CJL, training for use of equipment is required. Please contact Ruth Palmer at (609) 258-1153, at least one week prior to your event to set up an appointment.

  • Your organization or group is responsible for making all setup, cleanup, and catering arrangements. For complete event support services and policies, including requests for set-ups, clean-ups and equipment (tables & chairs, trash & recycle cans, etc.), please submit a Facilities Event Support work order.  For questions, contact Building Services at (609) 258-3490 during business hours.

  • Building Services will clean up after your event (provided you have requested them to do so); however, as a courtesy, please remove or throw out food, trash and other items before leaving the room. Events may often occur immediately after yours, so it is important to leave the room in acceptable condition.

  • If you plan to set up a table outside of the reserved room, please indicate this in your request.

  • Requests from CJL kosher dining should be made by completing a CJL Dining Request form.

  • If you are serving food from a source other than Campus Dining, or are considering the serving of home-prepared foods, please read University Environmental Health & Safety guidelines.

  • If you are planning to have a caterer prepare and serve on the premises, please refer to University Environmental Health & Safety guidelines for caterers – the event organizer is required to obtain a Health Certificate from the caterer.  In addition, University Risk Management requires proof of insurance from the caterer 30 days prior to the event, see University insurance requirements.  Someone from your organization/group must be present when the caterer arrives. Your caterer should communicate directly with you.