Israel Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Israel Advisory Committee, is to bring diverse stakeholders together to advise the Executive Director in the application of the CJL’s Israel Policy and to help implement and facilitate Israel related events that come before the committee. The committee is comprised of students active in the CJL community, CJL staff and members of the CJL Board of Directors. Appointed by the Executive Director, the committee members should represent a broad range of political perspectives and campus involvements. The Israel Advisory Committee also gives input to the Executive Director regarding the CJL’s response to Israel-related campaigns, media coverage, events, and activities on campus. When time permits, the committee will discuss issues related to the overall campus culture around Israel.

The committee members are:

  • Rabbi Julie Roth- Executive Director, head of the committee
  • Leslie Miller- Board member
  • Ed Stier- Community member
  • Zach Cohen- Student representative
  • Yael Lilienthal- Student representative
  • Ami Berman- Student representative
  • Hannah Slabodkin- Student representative
  • David Major- Student representative

The committee will meet over the summer by request and resume regular meetings in the fall.