Social Justice

Social justice is a core value of our tradition and for many Jewish students it is a primary emphasis of their Judaism. The Center for Jewish Life embraces Hillel’s question, “If I am only for myself, who am I?” and Princeton’s informal motto, “In the nation’s service, and in the service of all nations.”

Selling ChallahWe employ a full-time staff member who is dedicated to organizing and supporting social justice initiatives, direct service opportunities and dialogues with other groups on campus. We connect students with local and national organizations through potential internships, collaborative volunteer opportunities and educational programs

We place great importance on empowering and assisting students as they integrate social justice into their lives at Princeton and in the wider community. Our Social Justice Committee has recently led initiatives such as a Hunger Banquet to take action against poverty and a benefit concert for the Syrian refugee crisis. Students are also engaging in social justice through Muslim Jewish Dialogue, Black Jewish Dialogue and the Challah for Hunger project where students bake and sell challah to address hunger in our community and nation (Social Justice Student Groups). Students are encouraged to look at social justice issues outside campus by participating in Alternative Break trips