Zach Smart

Zach Smart '19

Student Board

Hey everyone! I’m Zach, a sophomore from Stamford, Connecticut, who has little idea what the future will hold. I’m majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, because nature is fun, and important. Before coming to Princeton I took a gap year to study at Yeshivat Maale Gilboa in the north of Israel, where I enjoyed sunrises, night hikes and learning Chassidut (Jewish Mysticism). I can usually be found outside somewhere, on the CJL deck or Blair Lawn, though I have been known to vanish into the depths of Lewis Library for weeks at a time, to be drawn out only by the scent of vegetarian stir-fry wafting across the street. I enjoy running, birdwatching, napping, drawing, and having long conversations about religion, sometimes simultaneously and occasionally while perched in a tree. I am passionate about pluralism, spirituality, sustainability and Shabbat, and look forward to a great year working to help make the CJL an even better place! I love getting to know people, so please come introduce yourself any time!