Paying for Meals

Community Members & TigerCard/PUID Holders Without a Meal Plan

Students with or without meal plans may dine at the CJL using their TigerCard (PUID). Faculty and staff may use their TigerCard or a departmental Tower Card. For visitors, please keep in mind that the CJL does not accept cash, checks, or credit cards. The only accepted method of payment for visitors is Paw Points on a CJL Dining Card (see CJL self-serve kiosk for loading Paw Points). For more information regarding dining at the CJL please email or call Ruth Palmer, 609-258-1153.


CJL Dining Card for Visitors

To obtain a CJL Dining Card, please stop by the CJL lobby, or, during meal times, see the dining hall checker. A self-serve kiosk is located in the lobby for loading Paw Points on a CJL Dining Card or PUID (Princeton University ID). For more information or to purchase Paw Points online, visit the TigerCard Office.

Meal Prices

Visit Campus Dining for dining meal rates. Please note that Passover meal prices are listed separately.

Center for Jewish Life Meal Rates
Effective 09/07/2018

2018-2019 Academic YearCharge (Includes 7% Sales Tax for non-University)Paw Points - PUID Holders



$9.98 ($10.50 Charge)

Lunch (weekday lunch, Sat. evening & Sun. brunch)


$12.21 ($12.85 Charge)

Dinner or Saturday Lunch


$17.20 ($18.10 Charge)

Shabbat Dinner


$17.20 ($18.10 Charge)


Passover 2019Charge

Seder - PUID holder without a meal plan (+ 7% tax for Fac/Staff)

$27.69 ($29.63 - Fac/Staff)
Lunch * - PUID Holder (+7% for Fac/Staff)$24.08 ($25.77 - Fac/Staff)
Lunch * - Guests of the CJL
$29.36  (includes tax)
Dinner (Mon-Thurs.) or Sat. Lunch - PUID Holder (+7% for Fac/Staff)
$27.69 ($29.63 - Fac/Staff)
Dinner (Mon-Thurs.) or Sat. Lunch - Guests of the CJL$38.11  (includes tax)
Shabbat Dinner - PUID Holder (+7% for Fac/Staff)$27.69 ($29.63 - Fac/Staff)
Shabbat Dinner - Guests of the CJL$38.11 (includes tax)
* "Lunch" includes weekday lunches, Saturday evening, and Sunday brunch.

Young Professionals

Young ("20 & 30 something") professionals (see JGAP), may purchase Shabbat dinner in advance for $18 (only if purchasing in advance).

To purchase Shabbat meals online, click here.

Prospective Students

The CJL is pleased to provide prospective students, undergraduate or graduate, with one CJL guest meal. Stop by the CJL Main Office or contact CJL Administrator, Ruth Palmer, so a guest pass will be waiting for you when you arrive. Families of prospective students are also welcome to dine in the kosher dining hall by purchasing meals with Paw Points.