What it Means to be Jewish: Rebecca Sobel '19


"For me, being Jewish is the opportunity to consistently reevaluate, change practice and belief, and constantly struggle to strengthen my relationship with G-d. Judaism is the time spent thinking; sitting on my bed and reading religious texts on the first Shabbat I’d ever kept, wondering what the words I was absorbing and the actions I was taking meant." 

What it Means to be Jewish: Jeremy Zullow '17

"All of my different Jewish experiences – in small academic communities, in a community of worship, and in the broader Jewish community – constituted to varying degrees, for me, building community [at Princeton]."

ICYMI: Rosh Hashanah Sermon Recaps

Wondering what you missed at any of our Rosh Hashanah services? Here’s a recap of the wonderful Jewish knowledge our three Rabbis shared in their sermons.