Jewish Meditation Group: This weekly prayer group is co-led by students and Rabbi Julie Roth. We focus on silent meditation, chanting practice and study. We meet on Tuesday at 5pm.

Kesher: Kesher is the Reform Jewish community at Princeton. The major weekly event is the student-led Friday night service in which students come together for prayer and song. We also host social events and other activities throughout the year.

Koach is Princeton's student-run Conservative minyan. Koach holds traditional, egalitarian services on Friday nights and holidays, and organizes other programs such as study breaks, learning programs and havdallah celebrations. Once a month, the student-led traditional egalitarian minyan (STEM) meets and every week there’s a community-led Conservative Shabbat morning service.

Namer: Namer’s mission is to create an egalitarian halachic minyan on campus for Princeton Jews who are attracted to the partnership minyan model. We hope to enrich the Princeton Jewish Community with an inclusive space for prayer.  

Yavneh: Yavneh is the Orthodox Jewish student group at Princeton. Yavneh holds three minyanim daily, as well as various Torah learning opportunities (often in the excellent and well-stocked Beit Midrash at the CJL). Additionally, we run various social events throughout the year such as Friday night Onegs, guest speakers, and study breaks. 

ZamruZamru is an indie minyan that holds monthly services and Shabbat dinners in the town of Princeton or on campus. Deeply spiritual and highly musical, services feature an amazing guitarist who plays Jewish melodies from all over the world. Students, Rabbi Julie, faculty and community members come together for these special egalitarian services. 

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