Ben Cohen '18, San Diego, CA

Since coming to Princeton, the CJL has become my home away from home. Whether it's chatting with friends over stir fry at lunch, working on problem sets in Feinberg, or participating in a fellowship on Jewish business ethics, the CJL has been both an environment for meeting friends and for developing my Jewish identity. At the same time, the CJL has also allowed me to explore my personal interests.

I am a Jew of Moroccan descent, who grew up listening to stories of my grandparents' lives in Morocco. Last year, a CJL staff member approached me and a friend—whose family is also of Moroccan descent— with a proposal to plan a CJL trip to visit the country whose stories have filled our childhoods. We, along with a dozen or so of our peers, will travel next December to a multitude of cities around Morocco, visiting synagogues, historical landmarks, and Jewish sites.

I am extremely grateful to the CJL for allowing me to learn more about my roots alongside my peers, and for giving me the opportunity to take on the leadership role of planning such a significant and complex activity.  I know that this trip will be a defining experience of my time at Princeton.

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