Sam Garfinkle ‘19, Rochester Hills, MI

The CJL has been a constant source of cultural, intellectual, and emotional support during my time at Princeton so far.  Perhaps the greatest gift it has given me is a working understanding of my cultural and religious heritage and philosophy, which I can now practice myself and share with friends. From my first in-depth exposure through the Inside India trip to Mumbai, to time spent in seminars with my colleagues and classmates, my experiences through the CJL have spurred both my general development and my enthusiasm for Jewish learning.

As a welcoming environment for Jewish students of all backgrounds, the CJL plays a vital role in creating an inclusive Jewish community on campus. One of my favorite aspects of this environment is the opportunity to share my culture and practices with all of my friends, Jewish or not. The ability for everyone to gather around a common table on Friday evening, breaking bread and laughing during Shabbat dinner, has been one of the best ways to bring people together and enjoy the company of friends at Princeton.

You can help to ensure that current and future Jewish students at Princeton continue to have opportunities to learn, laugh, and share these experiences with others. 


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