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Israel Programs

We live in a unique and extraordinary time in Jewish history. The dream of a Jewish and democratic state has been realized over the past three-quarters of a century and is continually being celebrated. CJL is committed to Israel’s existence, legitimacy, and security as a Jewish state and to finding a path to peace that allows all residents of the region to live with dignity, security, and opportunity.

We also recognize that the land, the state, the government policies, and the people of Israel mean different things to different Jews. CJL seeks to engage all students in dialogue and learning opportunities to help them understand not only their own perspective better but also the multiple narratives connected to Israel.  We are committed to building a framework where all students, regardless of differing viewpoints, feel welcome and at home in the Jewish community on campus.

We encourage students to engage with Israel through travel, dialogue, lectures, fellowships, internships, and meaningful conversations with Israelis on campus, including CJL’s Jewish Agency Israel Fellow.  Students can join one of our Israel-related student groups: Tigers for Israel and J Street U, They can also participate in travel opportunities through our Birthright Israel trips and Tiger Trek-Israel, a trip co-sponsored by CJL that connects Princeton students with Israeli entrepreneurs and startup culture. Any other initiatives that follow CJL’s Israel policy are welcome and encouraged.

For more information, support and Israel-related programming contact,  CJL’s Jewish Agency Israel Fellow 


To learn more about the Israel Advisory Committee and our Israel Policy, click here.