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Rabbi Azi Horvitch

Rabbi Azi Horvitch

Co-Director and Torah Educator of OU Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus at Princeton

Azi was born and raised in Jerusalem and then Beit Shemesh. He learned at the High School of Mercaz Harav. From there he continued to a Yeshiva in Cochav HaShachar where the emphasis was on intense Talmud and Jewish thought learning. He drafted into the army as a combat medic. Over the next few years he took part in various learning programs including a tour guiding course, Mizmor, a music school and a yearlong leadership program in Yishivat Siach. He also worked as a counselor in the same high school he attended, and as a tour guide in Jerusalem.

He has a B.Ed from Herzog College where he studied Jewish thought and history, and studied for his rabbinical exams at Yishivat Ohr Torah Stone Machanayim where he also served as the Beit Midrash director. He was responsible for guiding the students and taught Jewish thought. Azi is excited to join the Princeton University CJL community and looks forward to meeting, schmoozing and learning with the students. He is joined by his wife Atara Horvitch.

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