Rabbi Mati Kahn

Rabbi Matityahu Kahn

Co-Director and Torah Educator of OU Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus at Princeton

Rabbi Matityahu Kahn was born and raised in the Jerusalem area to parents who made Aliyah from Brooklyn on the last day of their "sheva brachot”.
After high school Rabbi Mati studied in Yeshivat Otniel through the Hesder army program, completing his IDF service in the paratroopers. When returning to Yeshiva after the Army, he completed a B.A. in Talmud and Jewish philosophy, while studying for the Israeli Rabbinical tests.

After that he became an educator at Yeshivat Otniel, a role he's been filling for the past four years. During this time he received his Israeli Rabbinate ordination, an M.A. in Jewish philosophy at Ben Gurion University and joined the staff of the Chavruta Beit Midrash at Hebrew University.

Rabbi Mati loves music, learning, listening to people and having fun with his kids Kedem and Adi and wife Shira. He also really enjoys yoga, sports and breathtaking landscapes and hopes to experience all of the above and more with his new Princeton community.

Contact Rabbi Mati at mkahn@princeton.edu

(609) 258-9490