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Atara Horvitch

Atara Horvitch

Co-Director and Torah Educator of OU Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus at Princeton

Atara was born in New York and made aliya with her family to Bet Shemesh in 2005. After High School, Atara served one year of National Service (Sherut Leumi) in Israel and then learned at Nishmat, the Jeanie Schottenstein for Advanced Torah Study for Women for five years. During that time, she also worked as a counselor for overseas students. While at Nishmat, Atara earned her bachelor’s degree education at Herzog College. Atara has spent many summers in Bnei Akiva in Camp Moshava Indian Orchard and at Mach Hach Ba’aretz, as a camper and in both programs as Counselor and Division Head.

Atara has volunteered with National Service (Sherut Leumi) volunteers from abroad, helping them settle in, acclimate to their new jobs and handle bureaucratic issues that arose. Atara was a high school English teacher for five years and then decided it was time for a career change. She studied web development this past year and plans to work in that field as well.

Atara is excited to join the Princeton University CJL community and is looking forward to learning with and learning from the students. Atara is joined by her husband Azi Horvitch.

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