Planning an Event

So you want to plan an event for/at the CJL?  This page is meant to help make that process easier and house all the of resources you need to plan a successful event.  Planning an event can be stressful especially if there are a lot of moving parts or a lot of opinions involved in the planning and executing.  You don’t have to be “into” planning events to plan something that’s successful.  The first step in planning an event for the CJL (or any event) is preparation.  There are a few tools we’ve created/gathered for your planning process;

  • CJL Event Briefing Sheet – The event briefing sheet was made to answer all of the major need to know event questions, ie., event date/time, contact person, duration of the event, A/V assistance needed, etc.  This sheet should be printed and used in the beginning of the planning process.  It helps you to finalize details and be able to better shape what you’d like the event to look like. 
  • Event Checklists – There are 4 different checklists for you to use depending on the type of event you are holding.
  • List of spaces available to use on campus – We’ve compiled a list of spaces on campus available for reservation. 
  • University and CJL Policies – There are many different rules and regulations from the University, ASG, ORL and the CJL.  We’ve put some of the most relevant policies in this folder.  Additional policies concerning Media, Advertising and Israel are available by request and should be read if they are relevant to the event you are planning.
  • Depending on the event you may want to order from the CJL Dining Hall or from an outside vendor/caterer. 
  • ODUS Policies - There are also policies given by the Office of the Dean of Students. Please review all policies relevenat to your event.
    • CJL Dining Hall
      • CJL Dining Ordering Form – Use this form to order food for events from Dining.  These orders must be placed within a minimum of 72 hours prior to your event or Dining cannot guarantee it will be fulfilled.  If you need an estimate for your order, please give Dining no less than 5 business days notice.
      • CJL Dining Hall Price List – This list is of some popular items that have been ordered for past events. 
    • Outside Vendor and/or Caterer – is a list of “local” restaurants and caterers.  This list is updated periodically so be aware some establishments may have closed.  If you know of any restaurant that is not listed and should be added or removed please let a CJL staff member know.