CJL Service Focus Summer Internship

Apply here for the Center for Jewish Life Service Focus Internship!

THIS SUMMER..... FUND YOUR PASSION ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.                                                                                                 APPLY FOR A CJL SERVICE FOCUS INTERNSHIP

The Center for Jewish Life Service Focus Internship is a summer internship opportunity for current Princeton first-years. This 8-week internship will support student participation in service or civic engagement pursuits with a Jewish component.

Choose an Existing Program or Design Your Own                                                                                                                                              CJL Service Focus fellows can design their own summer internship based on personal passions, or collaborate with an existing organization anywhere in the world.  The internship must be a minimum of eight weeks.  We anticipate three possible types of projects:

  • A traditional internship designed by an internship partner,
  • A project that a fellow has proposed and presented to an internship partner, and
  • A project entirely designed and implemented by a fellow.

The students selected for this program must attend pre-departure meetings to prepare for their experience, both logistically and personally. CJL Service Focus fellows will also share their experiences and knowledge in the fall with the CJL community.

Compensation is a stipend of $4500 for the eight weeks.

Applications are now open, and are due on February 14, 2020. You will be informed about your project by or on March 1.

Contact Debbie Orel at dorel@princeton.edue with any questions.

More information about the University's Service Focus initiative, and the full scope of the program, can be found at focus.princeton.edu.