Princeton Hillel - Center for Jewish Life

TO TRAVEL TO ISRAEL FOR THE FIRST TIME. CJL GAVE ME THE OPPORTUN I TY HAPPINESS EMPOWERED THE CJL COMMUNITY HELPED DELICIOUS SHABBAT MEAL. MY BEST EXPERIENCES AT CJL HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT CJL helped me EXPLORE my own personal Jewish identity, GROW as a leader, PURSUE Jewish learning and MAKE LIFE-LONG FRIENDS. AS A LEADER PROMOTING DIVERSITY IN JEWISH SPACES. CJL is no ordinary university building; for the community I have found at CJL. It's a place where we feel at home. I am forever GRATEFUL The amazing people I’ve met through CJL are like an BRIDGE MY SPIRITUAL AND SECULAR LIVES IN WAYS I DIDN’T THINK POSSIBLE. is unwinding with my friends over a MAKING FRIENDS & BUILDING COMMUNITY. that CJL brings to the PRINCETON EXPERIENCE are unparalleled. THE WARMTH, ENERGY, AND INSPIRATION As a past board chair, my connection to CJL has been among the most FULFILLING DIMENSIONS OF MY LIFE AT PRINCETON. CONNECTING WITH HIS CJL FRIENDS REMOTELY. I am so pleased that my son is still Thank you to the CJL staff for all of their Support & Guidance! EXTENDED FAMILY. Center for Jewish Life Annual Report 2019-2020