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Israel Policy Statement

The Center for Jewish Life – Hillel at Princeton University (CJL) is committed to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and a homeland of the Jewish people. We support Israel’s existence, legitimacy and security. With this as our basic premise, the CJL is open to a full spectrum of student opinions and positions on issues related to Israel.

As part of our mission, the CJL promotes a wide range of trips, lectures, seminars, and hands-on activities to cultivate connections with Israel that are well informed, personal, and transformational.  In the spirit of University life and in commitment to a pluralistic Jewish community, we sponsor, co-sponsor, and host programs providing opportunities for open discussion and the expression of differing views. The CJL will not, however, sponsor groups or speakers that, as a matter of policy or practice, foster an atmosphere of incivility, intend to harm Israel, or promote racism or hatred of any kind.

When controversy arises on campus on questions concerning Israel, the CJL will encourage a full and open discussion of the issues with all its stakeholders, including students with conflicting views.  While the CJL encourages students to take responsibilities and engage in sometimes difficult debate and decision making, in some cases the situation may require the Executive Director to advise student leaders or to take specific action.  The CJL Executive Director is ultimately responsible for compliance with this Israel policy, and is the final authority on how it will be applied, taking into consideration student views, the campus environment at the time, media coverage, the policies of national Hillel, and other relevant factors. 

Approved by the CJL Board of Directors – 5/1/2011

Notice to Leaders of CJL Student Board and Affiliated Student Groups: Failure to abide by all of the guidelines outlined in this policy can result in the loss of affiliation with the CJL.  If you have any questions about this policy, if any program or communication you are considering might be controversial, you are urged to please discuss the matter with your CJL staff advisor to avert a situation where there is a policy violation.  (Added 9.9.14)