Co-Create is the CJL's new incubator program. Want to pilot something new in Princeton’s Jewish community? The CJL will help you create it!

In an inclusive, non-judgmental, God-optional, creative, and welcoming community, our Co-Create programming focuses on four areas:, Creativity, Social Good, Politics and Debate, and Health and Spirituality.

Co-Create includes seed grants of up to $1000, Princeton faculty/alumni mentorship, support from CJL staff, and a meaningful cohort experience.   

Co-Creators are optimistic, passionate, creative, proactive, self-motivated, responsible, and willing to take risks. To learn more about Co-Create, or to pitch a project for this coming semester, email Rabbi Ira Dounn or check out the Co-Create website.

Arts Projects

  •  Jewish Theatre Fellowship
  • To Be Identified: Pop-up Feminist Arts Project
Politics and Debate Projects
  • Political Campaign Training and Mobilization
  • Views on Israel Journalism
  • Collegiate Moot Beit Din

Social Good Projects

  • Giving Circle Fellowship
  • Social Justice Fellowship

Community-building Projects

  • J-Pods
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Reform Community Renewal