Politics & Advocacy


J Street U: J Street U Princeton is the campus home for Pro-Peace, Pro-Israel, and Pro-Palestinian students; and one of 65 J Street U chapters nationwide. We work to engage Princeton students in a more meaningful conversation around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and to organize Princetonians to advocate for strong American leadership towards a two-state resolution to the Conflict.

Tigers for Israel: Tigers for Israel (TFI) is an Israel advocacy group at Princeton. TFI organizes programs and events that aim to educate and expose the Princeton community to Israel's politics, history, and culture. Through discussions and cultural celebrations,  we work to acquaint the community with diverse aspects of Israeli life and engage them in discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Tigers Together: Tigers Together is a coalition of Princetonians committed to promoting trust and partnership between Israelis and Palestinians by supporting projects that both build mutual trust and make immediate impact on the ground today. Tigers Together unequivocally supports a two state solution that will establish an independent Palestinian state living side-by-side with the State of Israel in peace, security, and prosperity.