Student Board

Rebecca Sobel '19


Hi! I’m Rebecca, a sophomore from Long Island, New York. I'm a prospective economics major and derive perhaps too much excitement from income statistics and NBER papers.

Jasmine Peled '18

President Emeritus

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine, and if I wasn’t a student at Princeton I’d most likely be running a ketchup farm with ten golden retrievers which was my childhood dream.

Yael Lilienthal '19


Hi, everyone! My name is Yael Lilienthal and I'm from the place you all go to during Winter Break to visit your grandparents (also known as South Florida).

Nate Levit '20

Student Board

Shalom! I'm Nate Levit, a freshman from Tulsa, Oklahoma, a.k.a the best place in the world.

Polly Hochman '20

Student Board

Hello, friends! My name is Polly Hochman and I’m a freshman hailing from the great city of Chicago. I love all things Chicago: the trains, the White Sox, and of course, the lovely weather.

Matthew Kritz '18

Social Justice Chair

Greetings, friends. I'm Matthew, Princeton's foremost proponent of the "Ralph Lauren polo with khaki Dockers" look, and a junior studying Philosophy, Global Health & Health Policy, and Judaic Studies (eager to hear suggestions for a senior thesis).

Rachel Edelson '20

Student Board

Hey y'all! I'm Rachel, a freshman who traveled super far from my home of NYC to come to Princeton.

Brandon Mintzer '20

Student Board

My fellow Princetonians, My name is Brandon Mintzer, and I am a freshman from the land of Mickey Mouse, alligators, and weird news headlines: Orlando, Florida.

Dylan Mittag '20

Student Board

Guten tag and shalom! I am Dylan, a freshman from Germany and the UK but currently reign within the great state of South Carolina.

Zach Smart '19

Student Board

Hey everyone! I’m Zach, a sophomore from Stamford, Connecticut, who has little idea what the future will hold. I’m majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, because nature is fun, and important.

David Major '20

Student Board

Hi everyone! I’m David and I’m a freshman from the mysterious island oasis commonly known as Manhattan. Before coming to Princeton, I spent a gap year on kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa where I studied at the yeshiva there, went on hikes, and ate absurd amounts of hummus.

Gabi Swagel '20

Student Board

Hey everyone! My name is Gabi Swagel and I’m a freshman from Chevy Chase, Maryland, just outside of DC. Outside of the CJL I’m on the editorial board of the Daily Princetonian, the student newspaper. Inside of the CJL, I’m sleeping on the couch in the Green Room.

Ami Berman '20

Student Board

Hey everybody! My name is Ami Berman and I’m a freshman from the objectively irrelevant, yet culinarily central kosher Mecca known as Teaneck, NJ.

Rachel Linfield '19

Student Board

Hey! I'm Rachel! I moved to Cleveland this past summer (I consider myself a proud bandwagoner on the Lebron train).