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Faculty & Staff

Princeton University is home to hundreds of Jewish faculty and staff members of varying backgrounds and affiliations, from secular/cultural to traditionally observant. The Center for Jewish Life aims to provide support and opportunities to build community among this diverse group.

We would love to welcome you to the local Jewish community and tell you more about Jewish life in Princeton. Please reach out.
To be added to our email list for Jewish Faculty and Staff, please email Debbie Orel  with the subject “Add to Faculty/Staff List.”

Connect with Jewish Faculty

Faculty Programming: The Center for Jewish Life periodically offers opportunities for learning and discussion among faculty and staff members. Contact Rabbi Gil Steinlauf for the upcoming program schedule.

Faculty Advisory Group

Convened in 2019, the CJL Faculty Advisory Group exists to engage faculty in conversations about Jewish life on campus and to create connections between Jewish faculty. The group meets twice a year to discuss sensitive and strategic issues faced by the CJL, including pluralism and diversity, anti-Semitism, Jewish enrollment, and faculty engagement. There will not be any solicitation or donation expectation associated with this group. If you would like to learn more or become involved, please contact Rabbi Gil Steinlauf. 

Faculty Fellows Program

The CJL recently piloted a CJL Faculty Fellows program on the model of the residential college fellows program.  In order to facilitate connections between faculty and students, those who participate in the Faculty Advisory Group or the CJL Board of Directors receive a certain number of free meals per semester at the CJL’s kosher dining hall.  When eating at the CJL, faculty are asked to either sit with students (spontaneously or planned in advance) or bring someone with them who would not normally come to the CJL.  These faculty members and their families are also invited for Shabbat meals.